Web Design Services

CRI Designs’ Web development team provides a combination of skills to create winning websites for both small and large enterprises.

Our website services include web packages starting at $1150, custom Web design for marketing sites and interactive applications, and application development for serious data integration.

Combining creative artwork, user experience planning, development and programming skills, and strong marketing content, our team can provide exciting solutions for your website or web application.

Visual Design

website design visual design photoshop

Whether you are looking for website design, a brochure or a major web application Visual Design is an important component. Creating original artwork that conveys the right message in a clean and visually pleasing way while engaging visitors is a central element of any project. Whether you need simple business colors and shapes or detailed illustrations for your project, CRI Designs develops spectacular and creative visual designs.

Interface Design: User Experience (UX)

user experience ux design website

The importance of your project providing a rewarding user experience cannot be understated. Making sure your web project is easy to navigate, easy to find information, and overall rewarding for users means carefully planning, prototyping and testing your user interface.

CRI Designs has created hundreds of web sites, web applications and database programs, and working with each client and their users has given us strong interface design skills. In addition, we have placed a very high priority on continually following and studying techniques as they evolve in the UX community.

Development & Programming

website development and design programming

After the planning phase and using the user interface and visual design elements, our developers can get to work putting the actual web pages together using industry standard technologies including HTML 5 and CSS 3. In addition to standard web page markup, our team has plenty of capability to create dynamic elements using JQuery and other popular Javascript frameworks. We embed audio and video using HTML 5 techniques for viewing across computers, phones and tablets. Animating elements with new techniques can make your site more fun to navigate for viewers.

In addition to these client-side development techniques, our team is proficient using the two major server-side technologies to incorporate data integration and more. We support and develop large and small applications using Microsoft’s .Net framework with ASP.Net as well as the ever popular PHP and associated frameworks. Find out more on application development here.

WordPress: Content Management Systems

wordpress website design

Whether you are looking to manage your own website content, integrate a blog into your website or start a brand new blog, WordPress is a great option and completely customizable and scalable. CRI Designs provides several Wordpress package options from basic theme-based site setup to fully customized multimedia solutions using Wordpress.

Find out more about Wordpress and pricing options.

E-Commerce: Shopping Carts

e commerce website design shopping cart raleigh nc

Solutions for the sale of products or services on your website require careful planning and decision-making. Because of the number of options for how ecommerce is implanted, many businesses have trouble finding the right option for their needs. CRI Designs helps businesses or individuals find the right solution based on their respective needs and goals while trying to identify future pitfalls. Some of the factors to consider for ecommerce sites are as follows:

  • Number of products now and likely future
  • Hosted vs. pre-bought shopping cart software
  • Pay services such as PayPal and Google Checkout
  • Merchant Account and Payment Gateway choice
  • Site security
  • Seasonal changes and needs
  • Soft download products
  • Shipping and tax options
  • Gift certificates, specials, and other special needs

We have used and customized different cart software as well as created custom ecommerce solutions for special purposes. Our teams can help you make the right choices to ensure your online business is built right the first time.

Responsive Design: Websites for Mobile and Tablet Devices

responsive design

Websites are being viewed on mobile phones and pad devices in increasing numbers, and designs are being tailored to be effective on these devices. For iPads, Android pads and new Windows 8 touchscreen devices, designers are making interface decisions to support these devices. The CRI Designs team has built in testing on these types of devices to ensure cross compatibility. For phones, however, typical techniques may not be enough.

Many companies are creating mobile versions of their sites to make the user experience on the phone be much better. Not every type of site will benefit from a custom mobile site for phones, but the CRI team can help you decide the best strategy and design the components needed. One of the trends in Web design involves what is called responsive design, which involves techniques to allow sites to adjust to whatever screen size it encounters. Be sure to include plans for how your site might want to handle the growing mobile and pad market.