Solutions for Web

CRI Designs develops large and small Web solutions for all types of businesses and individuals. Using industry standard development environments and coding practices, we can put together whatever your project requires.

Some examples or the types of Web applications we have previously put together:

  • Real Estate Pricing program
  • Land Developers Decision Support (won a 2012 Harvard Bright Idea Award)
  • Custom Online Training and Testing
  • Timesheets and billing
  • Certification tracking
  • Custom web forum
  • Tennis coaching portal with various coaching tools
  • Customer File Upload and download management
  • Estimating tool for services
  • Datacenter equipment wiring
  • Custom RSS feeds on Web pages
  • Custom Photobook building interface
  • Various custom ecommerce programs
  • Mobile development

Solving problems and developing software for these types of challenges has prepared us to tackle all types of Web application needs. Solutions for the Web involve combining different technologies to create a user-friendly interface with data integration. Our group combines rich visual designs with user experience planning and data integration to create the simple and complex Web applications