Logo Design & Branding

Successful logo design and branding entails creating an image that represents a company, product, service or campaign and builds instant recognition in the minds of customers. Our team designs logo and identity packages that combine creativity and simplicity to reflect the perfect image.

alta foods logo

Logo Design

The right logo can often give your customers an instant summary of your company’s style, serving as the face of your business in advertising campaigns, corporate documents, product packaging and more. We offer two standard logo packages. We can also provide custom estimates for any special needs.

alta foods logo

Branding & Identity

Company logos are only part of branding. Because branding involves creating a message or image that "brands" itself into the minds of customers, it’s essential to develop a comprehensive approach. We can help you with all aspects of creating a successful branding strategy, including:

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  • Product packaging
  • Slogans, catchphrases & product naming
  • Print advertisement design
  • Business cards, letterheads and corporate document design