Development Process

How we ensure a successful outcome for you, our client.

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Discovery includes gathering information, identifying the audience and competitors, setting initial design specs, and establishing the needs and goals that will make a successful collaboration. This is where we build a deeper understanding for each other and work closely to create a vision and a shared understanding of the goals for your project.


The planning phase includes determining website and/or application features, creating site maps, data diagrams, use-cases, and persona studies. These studies and tools help identify how users might use a website or programming solution most effectively for marketing or a business workflow.

Interface Design

Good user interface design is essential for successful websites, web applications and other custom programs. A combination of sketching and prototyping techniques help us develop interfaces that put a high priority on usability. Continued usability testing from prototyping to the final project stages ensure the best experience for users.

Visual Design

With the planning tools, client art specs, and an interface skeleton, we can now create stunning artwork and visual elements to bring the website to life. Visual designs can then be reviewed with clients to make any necessary modifications.


With the final plans, UI and the visual design, we now construct the coding and associated components to build the project. This is where project developers use HTML/CSS, .NET, PHP, jQuery, and other development tools to build the application or website.


During this stage we go through the final details and test your website for browser compatibility, make sure your google analytics are set up and for usability. Once this is complete we upload your site and do one final round of testing before take off.

Website Maintenance

Don't go just yet! One way to keep your site fresh is to offer new content or update specials and products regularly. We offer discounted rates for clients who elect to have our team update this information. Updates are usually done within 24 hours within receipt of request.

More complex work is quoted so you know what it's going to cost for major changes and when you can expect the completion of changes.