Application & Database Development

CRI Designs has been developing custom database and software solutions since 1995.

The success of any software application depends heavily on good planning and effective development process. We use modern techniques including use case scenarios, personas, data diagrams and prototyping to make sure that your project is clearly understood and planned before the actual design and development take place.
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Solutions for Web

website design development

CRI Designs develops large and small Web solutions for all types of businesses and individuals. Using industry standard development environments and coding practices, we can put together whatever your project requires. Our award winning VIP website for the Town of Cary is a great illustration of our ability to combine custom illustrations with animation, external web services, and backend database integration for decision support.
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Solutions for Business

We develop custom software solutions for businesses to help with productivity, customer service and workflow enhancement. In addition to large database applications based on SQL Server, we also have made dozens of custom MS Access solutions, integrated data with MS Word, Excel, and Quickbooks, and developed native Windows programs. Finding effective ways to save you money and making solutions you can grow with are always our priority.
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Our Technologies

In addition to standard technologies such as HTML5/CSS3 and JQuery, we develop applications using ASP.Net/SQL Server. We also build MS Access applications and Office solutions.
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